Affordable online ordering
solutions with no transaction fees!

Looking for an effective, affordable way to increase sales at your restaurant?

With Quantum, you can:

✔ Quickly start taking orders from your website or Facebook page
✔ Promote your own branded mobile app
✔ Receive orders by fax, email or your POS printers
✔ Offer a Loyalty Program to reward frequent diners
✔ Easily update the online ordering menu yourself
✔ And much, much more…  



✔ Easy to create and update yourself
✔ Works for delivery, pickup or both
✔ Fits into your existing website, or we can create a new website for you
✔ Accepts orders directly from your Facebook page
✔ Support for mobile phones and tablets, as well as PC browsers
(Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari)

Branded  Mobile App

✔ Your own branded mobile app for your restaurant
✔ Downloadable at Google Play or Apple Store
✔ Supports Android devices and iPhones


✔ Same design and appearance as your website
✔ Single easy-to-read menu suitable for call-in orders as well as online orders
✔ Single shopping cart for multiple menu pages
✔ Catering menu page
✔ Multiple menu categories
✔ Enlargeable photos for each item or category of items
✔ Multiple free and priced options available for each item
✔ Ability to order split toppings for pizza or other items
✔ Upselling suggestions for each item
✔ Items only appear when they are available to order
(e.g. lunch items, daily specials)

Easy Ordering

✔ Ability to reorder what was previously ordered
✔ Ability to invite friends to participate in group orders
✔ Option to leave a tip


✔ Define delivery zone by zip codes, radius or specific neighborhood mapping
✔ Define delivery times, including multiple periods per day
✔ Set minimum/maximum order ahead times for both regular items and catering items
✔ Set minimum delivery amount
✔ Specify delivery fee
✔ Inform customer of expected delivery time based on day of week & time of day

Pick Up

✔ Define pickup times, including multiple periods per day
✔ Set minimum/maximum order ahead times
✔ Inform customer of expected wait time based on day of week & time of day


✔ Any type of coupon – percentage discount, dollar discount, free or
discounted add-on items
✔ Any conditions – day of week, time of day, etc. Public or private
✔ Coupon code required or automatic discount
✔ Start and expiration dates


✔ Receive order by email, fax or POS printer   
✔ Integrated withpopular POS systems such as Aldelo and Clover
✔ Receive telephone alerts
✔ Send customer a confirmation email


✔ View or export receipts of all online orders based on specified time period

Multi-Location Support

✔ Standard menu or location-specific menus
✔ For pickup, allow customers to choose from a list of locations
✔ Allow customers to choose from a list of locations

Loyalty Program

✔ Set revenue milestones and rewards
✔ Automatically email rewards when milestones are reached

Email Marketing

✔ Customized template with your logo, website colors, etc.
✔ Send a welcome offer when customer places first order
✔ Broadcast promotional offers at any time
✔ Automatically manage unsubscribe requests and email bouncebacks 



All sensitive information is SSL encrypted
✔ Credit card processing handled by major merchant service vendors
✔ Password protection
✔ Hosted in a secure data center
✔ Customer information is never sold or shared

Quantum lets you easily modify every detail
in the system

With Quantum, you have a single, easy-to-read menu suitable for both online orders and traditional call-in ordersng

Sending out monthly promotional messages to your customers is a great way to boost sales


Third-party vendors such as GrubHub, Eat24, etc. promise  to bring you incremental business in return for a hefty commission. The truth is, almost all of the business they bring is from your existing customers who want to order online.Why pay a commission to receive orders from your own customers?!

With Quantum, you pay a low flat monthly rate with no transaction fees. You also receive your money the instant your customer places the order. Most importantly, you are now in control of your own business and
can make changes to the website yourself (or have us do it for you.)

You can continue to work with 3rd-party vendors but now you will only pay for incremental business, not for business from your own customers.

3rd Party Vendors

With 3rd-party services, 

 you pay commissions for all online orders, 

 which can add up to hundreds of dollars per month.


With Quantum, 

 you only pay for new customers.

 Existing customers pay directly to you.


✔Do I need a website?

   Yes, but we can create an affordable website for you if you don’t already have one.

✔What if I already have a website?

   Quantum can work seamlessly with existing websites.

✔Can customers place orders from my Facebook page?

   Yes, Quantum can easily be added to your Facebook page.

✔Can customers place orders from mobile devices?

   Yes, the eDiningExpress menu is optimized for mobile devices. In addition, we provide you with your own branded mobile app.

✔How can my customers get the mobile app?

   Your branded mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play (for Android devices) or Apple Store (for iPhones).

✔Do I need a computer or any other special equipment?

   No, the only equipment you need is a fax machine or the ability to receive an email message.

✔How will I know when an order gets placed?

   Quantum will send you a fax, email or print your order on your POS printers. It can also call you to let you know you have received an order.
✔When will I receive the money?

   All payments are immediately processed, the same as if the customer handed you the card.

✔Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

   No, you can terminate the service at any time.

✔Can I see a demo of the system?

   Yes, please contact us to schedule an online demo.